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After passing the preparatory-year courses, students follow two different mathe- matics strands. Number of students from each Term.

University of South Africa: Background matu the study English language is gradually becoming the main language of instruction in higher ed- ucation institutions within the Middle East.

Secondly, participants were Arab male students only, with little background in English. This effect represents the common knowledge and skills that are in kfkpm preparatory-year English curriculum as represented in both English courses that students carry into the context of semester term This result corroborates with many studies in the literature Begle, ; Tuli, ; Jamison, ; Kelly, ; Soares, ; Yushau, It can also be useful for other universities with similar preparatory-year programmes.

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Another variable included in the study is the role of the semester in which students take the first cal- culus courses. The trend is much more in area of sciences, medical, and engineering courses. Had this approach been used, a different result may have been obtained.


Bilingual instruction in college mathematics: Please feel free to explore our site and hope you find it useful. As in many other college algebra and pre-calculus courses, the aim of preparatory mathematics MATH and at KFUPM is to prepare students for these calculus courses.

Results and discussion In the course of this investigation several models were developed using regression anal- ysis. Most of them have had little English background at the time of admission.

These students are the reason I come to work every day. The implications of this finding for academic policy are discussed. Help Center Find new research papers in: Our students are also recognized as one of the most prestigious student groups in the Kingdom. The relation between linguistic clarity and mathematics performance, Dissertation Abstract International, 59 7 An exploration of extra and classroom variables for three measures of college mathematics achievement academic achievementDissertation Abstract International, 55 9 Table 3 gives three of these models and variables therein.

The reason for choosing Calculus I is because it is largely considered as the backbone of kfkpm calcu- lus series.

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On the other hand, jointly, the two mathematics courses explain twenty- seven per cent of the total variance, while the two English courses explain barely more than three per cent. I truly work to make a difference in their education.

Click here to sign up. Language influence on mathematics achievement of Capeverdean students, Dissertation Abstract International, 43 12 As noted earlier, surprisingly ENGL and MATH did not contribute sig- nificantly to the best model as stand-alone effects, but their joint effects with other variables mah be readily seen as crucial predictors of success in the Calculus I course.


Contrast this with total variance explained by the best models 36 per cent.

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Our focus in this study is on students taking the Calculus I strand. Letter grades for all English and mathematics courses in the preparatory-year pro- gramme were recorded for each student, as well as that of Calculus I.

Among the academic terms, semester kfupj to be the only significant term when compared to the reference term This simply means that from the perspective of the model, students taking Calculus I in different semesters, were not very different in ability except for those taking the course in term If there is anything I can do, don’t hesitate to call me at or e-mail me.

However, Model 3 is the best model and explains about 36 per cent of the total variance kfypm the Calculus I grade. This has shown that adding other variables including academic Term in the model add only around three per cent to the model.