For the past couple of days I’ve been working on an experimental IntraWeb (a.k.a. , “VCL for the Web”) project. Since I typically generate user. I am Using Delphi’s (Seattle) Intraweb to create a sample web application ( currently on my own desktop) How to create a download link, what. You need to create the ‘data’ inside session NET+Preview/Chapter+21+Web+ Programming+with+IntraWeb/Building+IntraWeb+Applications/.

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Have you ever solved the provblem with Alignment.

You can find complete information about Http. Width; ClearPageControls; for iPage: Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Then i have an actual Version and hope that this will do the trick. Marko, I stopped experimenting with IntraWeb in Ajax has been included in Delphi and really it is good job and a big advance in WEB programming.


When set any value greater than zero IntraWeb will use this value as the number of threads per core when creating threads for Http. I access respectively want to the Dataset like this UserSession. Is well know the problem to create a form in a thread process not in the main application thread the forms can be inconsistent.

IW does create and manage the user session automatically. IntraWeb is a tool which simplifies Web server application development. Download demo with sources for delphi However, you might receive an exception like this when debugging it: Each virtual application created in IIS starts a new w3wp.

What is intrawe solution? They changed their Usersession. In case, that this is not the Problem, how can i create a Usersession manually? If a component looks different when you dynamically generated at runtime versus when you drop it on an IntraWeb form in the designer, take a close look at the text DFM.

SendFile is not a download link because: They should be installed as Windows services using the command line: There is probably a way around this, but I have not fully investigated the issue yet.


Developer Tools

Yes i’ve used the Wizzard. The plus symbol is known as strong wildcard read more about it here: I now tested my crewte without using the UserSession and will buy the full Version soon. TfrxReport; procedure CrearReport const nam,resul: FastReport need to create some forms but invisibles to create the reports.

String ; begin try frReport. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. You indicated that this occurred when you were implementing a login form.

Gp Intraweb delphi components

Rule number one is that all components you create must have the Name property set. URL registration — require administrator privileges. If i get it right, the Servercontroller should’ve created a Usersession by then. FastReport is a powerfull and popular component library to create reports.

You can use IntraWeb to create individual pages instead of entire applications. You can use other tools to simplify the translation.