Going Clear by Lawrence Wright Beyond Belief by Jenna Miscavige Hill Inside Scientology by Janet Reitman Troublemaker by Leah Remini A Piece of Blue Sky . Janet Reitman takes readers inside Scientology in her book about America’s most secretive religion. The limestone and granite Church of Scientology in midtown Manhattan is located just northwest of Times Square, at West 46th Street.

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And for that matter, how does anyone in the 21st century with an Internet connection actually join this “religion” yes, I’m going to insist on putting that in sclentology quotesafter reading about Xenu? Many people you’ll meet here were simply raised in the Church of Scientology.

Trivia About Inside Scientolog For shits and giggles I read through the pamphlet and found a question test. Hubbard’s mad desire for macho-man adventure so infused his ego as to warp his stories into tall tales of personal achievement that he himself started to believe.

And yet he went on to become Scientology’s most public and effective advocate, and according to Inside Scientologya one-man cash cow for the church, which has a janeet of dramatically overstating its membership numbers.

And then, finally, the Tom Cruise chapter. Before I read this I thought Scientology is one of the wackiest organizations I’ve ever heard of, and how could anyone take it seriously. Dec 01, Greg rated it really liked it Shelves: I admit it, I wanted more “batshit crazy” and less information.

I got a clear picture of the trauma, of the betrayals, of the reporting on one another, of the keeping of files on people- but I really have no understanding of what benefits and there must be some there are. Yet evidently, some are still drawn into it, and the church’s “celebrity strategy,” which famously netted Tom Cruise, is still keeping their Hollywood org jumping.

Janett, once I got further into the story, I lost interest. Did you know the church requires women who work lnside the Sea Org part of Scientology in Florida to get abortions if they become pregnant since children aren’t allowed there? It’s something you can buy into, rather than having to ascribe to lots of hard-to-believe tenants of faith while there is a general belief in a “Supreme Being”, Scientology does not insist upon any dogmatic theology. That doesn’t mean you can’t be an active member of the church and be part of the community.


And there were lots of traumatized people.

Inside Scientology: The Story of America’s Most Secretive Religion by Janet Reitman

Ron Hubbard was a paranoid egomaniac This is a challenging read owing to the scope and density of information, but it’s a worthwhile pursuit if you want to see an in-depth example of how insanity is contagious. Suffice to say, if you look at Tom Cruise and say, “That’s what I wanna be!

And yes, I did the quiz, which was stupid. A well-written book on a subject I’ve always found darkly fascinating.

Book review: ‘Inside Scientology’ by Janet Reitman

But what critics of Scientology really need to focus on is the injustice that the Church of Scientology perpetuates. Meanwhile, I was petitioning them to visit them in California to see the international base and see one of their schools, since I was writing about kids who had jnside educated by the Scientology system.

An open door shows the way to an inviting place to sit out the rain. The first real success of this religion was to have the government recognize it as a true religion under the tax laws, hence providing it with tax-exempt status.

Scientology is a religion and a cult.

But even though my mind hasn’t been changed, at least I now have evidence insidr support my opinions. It seems like watered down Freudian psycho-babble to me. Feb 08, Steven rated it it was ok Shelves: Janet Reitman gives a scrupulous look at Scientology’s six decades”. And the Church of Scientology claims that he was sort of undercover, and actually an Intelligence officer, so he had other sets of records.

A spokesperson for the church alleged that the book was poorly researched and contained numerous inaccuracies. Even Bill Clinton tried to help them with problems they were having with various European re: Scientologists believe that they have lived forever and will live forever. The second part of the book was my least favorite. Reitman’s history goes all the way back to L.

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Jun 10, Lisa rated it liked it Shelves: At certain levels, people have to do multiple intensives to get anywhere. Your purchase helps support NPR programming. No, I think it really hurt them.

Inside Scientology: The Story of America’s Most Secretive Religion

It was a huge fad and made Hubbard a lot of money for a while, but it wasn’t something he could really control. Ron Hubbard was a paranoid egomaniac and a pathological liar. The stories of how the church bullies and harasses its critics and those who dare to leave the church often with harrowing escapes that aren’t helping the charges that Scientology is a cult may seem outlandish, but Reitman’s gone to great lengths to verify each tale that she’s included.

This is an excellent book that truly does aspire to be as objective as possible when it comes to Scientology’s history, founder, scientologj, and practices.

I finished the book angry at the organization, its history, its leaders, and more than any single other aspect its doctrine of abusing the legal system to harass its much-less-rich “enemies” into silence. Can you do all the auditing for free if you sign the billion-year contract? Each session, you buy them in a block—what they call “an intensive. How does a man in a scientific age–an age of atom bombs and moon landings–invent a funky false religion and swindle people out of millions?

The marketing during the ’60s and ’70s was unbelievable. Famous names are dropped.

The organization has become increasingly punitive. For readers who don’t know anything scientollgy Scientology, do you have a sense of what the average person who encounters Scientology spends? Oh no, it’s just that you’re simply in need of auditing and you can stop having symptoms of depression, anxiety, nightmares, headaches, heck, you can stop any negative thoughts or feeling by forking over thousand of dollars and your first born and turning yourself over to unqualified cult members.