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Defrost HGB Hot gas coils. The models M1, M2 and M3 wall mounting are optimized with low space requirements and long air throw.

Refrigeration Innovation

VPA option Homogenous distribution of air flow: The condenser, – standard – or S oversized for high ambient temperatures. HGB Hot gas defrost coil only. How can we improve it? External-rotor, axial fans require no specific maintenance.

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Other options PAV Anti vibration pads. Our focus is your convenience — order online from your laptop, desktop, or smartphone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The electric heating elements are fitted in slots under the coil offering unimpeded front access which considerably simplified maintenance. The person responsible for the system must ensure that the excitation frequency may not, under any circumstances, provoke the resonance of other components as this could result in irreparable damage in particular in the case of on-board systems.


All models are equipped with a speed controller to guarantee optimum control of the condensation pressure. Protection and control enclosure MEC Condensation pressure control with speed variation using an electronic swichting motor EC. To validate this pack, we propose a support contract during commissioning of our equipment as well as regular Inspections during the second year of operation preventive maintenance We program our visits in accordance with your availability.

Possibility of providing factory pre-wired motors CMU option to help reduce installation time.

Certifications Advantages Installation Installation of the unit up against a wall allows maximum filling of the cold room. BDR Condensate drip tray under suction collectors.

The electric heating elements fitted in slots under the coil considerably simplify maintenance tasks see photo. In addition, the reduced charge refrigerant ensures a reduced costs. To validate this pack, we propose a support contract during commissioning of our equipment as well as an efficiency check.

The hinged drain pan enables simple removal rendering maintenance work easier see photo. Heatcraft proposes qualified instructors with in-depth knowledge and extensive technical experience acquired in the field. The electric heating elements are fitted in slots under the coil offering unimpeded front access which considerably simplify maintenance MRE.

R 4,23 mm MUC Hinged side panels offering easy access to electrical and refrigerant connections 2.


Large electrical enclosure rendering maintenance tasks easier. Only the selection software, at your disposal on simple request, will allow you to select the dry cooler which suits the best your needs. C2V Motors wired for 2 speeds. Male to be brazed. BAE Protection of fins.

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Siemens “polycool” electronic expansion valve with probe and sensor for control of superheating during heatxraft operation. CMU Motors factory wired. The noise level, – standard – or LN low noisesuitable when noise is a problem.

Certifications Advantages Installation Legs optional for floor-mounted installation with vertical air flow. The MXW ranged is optimized to minimize floor space required for installation by the combination of original design and innovative technology: This control mode may generate noise at low rotation speeds.

Casing RAL Special colours. Switching enclosure factory pre-wired and tested.

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heatcfaft E 4,23 mm Y connection SKB System head loss taken into account, percentage of glycol,… please contact us for details. Heatcraft Fan Guard. Environmental impact Reduction of direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions Actual and forthcoming legislative constraints Tax on the refrigerant amount of refrigeration systems depending on the country.