View the profiles of professionals named George Tarabichi on LinkedIn. There are 4 professionals named George Tarabichi, who use LinkedIn to exchange. The latest Tweets from George Tarabichi (@GeorgeTarabich1): “ان قلبي ينزف دما على ما يجري في بلدي وأجد نفسي عاجزا عن الكلام”. It is difficult to read the works of Abdallah Laroui, Mohammad Arkoun, Mohammad al-Jabri and Georges Tarabichi and not get affected by them.

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Articles about him in Arabic. Thus undermines one of the basic premises over which Aljabri constructs his concept of the ‘Eastern irrational E’rfani reason’, which is his attack on Ibn Sina as the major ‘irrational Eastern thinker’.

But he moves forward to make it a differentiating symbol between different civilizational and national identities in a way that the most extreme idealistic theories about the soul of the ‘people’ and the geniuses of nations haven’t dared to do. He first attacks the view that makes contrast between an open rational Christianity and an irrational closed Islam, which is the prevailing view in the West.

Consequently, Tarabishi’s strategy in his project of ‘Critique of the critique’, is to attack those underpinnings. With respect to contemporary renaissance problems, he implements the psychoanalysis methodology in order to analyze and criticize the intellectual and cultural contemporary Arabic realities. Similarly he performs extensive as well as reconstructive effort to study the ancient book titled “The Nabati Agriculture” Nabat are ancient people lived in south Iraqin his book “The Resigned Reason in Islam” Pages — He allowed himself to become a rebel against himself by criticizing and questioning his own approaches.

He proceeded to Elaph, an online news magazine and Alarabiya. Trivia About Woman Against Her It violently detaches the concepts from its original context and pushes it with no less violence into the weave of the new system.

Let’s start georgd stating a real fact, which is that there is no existence of a modern or contemporary Arabic philosophy. In a dialogue with ‘Alsharq Alawsat’ Jan. Houthis violated Hodeidah ceasefire 16 times in past 24 hrs.


Moreover, he sees that the concept of secularism in Islam georve much stronger than its counterpart in Christianity, and such a concept existed in the Islamic cultural heritage before its appearance in the Christian West. A critique of the work of Egyptian feminist, Nawal el-Saadawi. From one side, he studies his relation to what is termed the ‘Eastern philosophy’, and proves at the end that such a philosophy has no objective basis.

Secularism Tarabishi takes a firm position from the issue of secularism, which is that Islam is only a religion, and the social practices even in the early Islamic societies were in essence secular.

The main concern, in Tarabishi’s view, behind such a systematic division of the Arabic reason is that it reckons on an underlying sectarian ideological division. He couldn’t overcome colonialism, nor he could build a real intellectual critical renaissance thought… For me, I have discovered later on that we are in urgent need to criticism… But I discovered also that a self-defense mental complex has been formed in our unconsciousness as a result of the colonial ggeorge, and that such a complex increases by time.

In the introduction of his book Critique of critique of the Arabic reason — the resigned reason in Islam”, he says.

Georges Tarabichi (Author of Woman Against Her Sex)

From here we understand why many of the nationalist and Marxist intellectuals have ended up being extremists or mystical. In order to answer this question we observe, as we see it, three combined chains of reasons.

He describes the obstacles that confront the modern Arabic renaissance thought in his dialogue with Alhayat newspaper as follows. In a dialogue with the website ‘Islam on line’, Julyhe describes this view as follows. I admit to him and to you that I benefitted a lot from him and that he forced me to rebuild my cultural heritage. We may also add a previous work by Aljabri titled “We and the Heritage” to that project.

He worked as a manager of Damascus broadcastand chief editor of the magazine “Arabic Studiesand chief editor of the magazine “the Unity” Therefore, he refutes one of the basic evidences that Aljabri introduces to support his thesis of the ‘irrational Eastern Arabic Reason’. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. BookDB marked it as to-read Sep 13, Want to Read saving…. Such a crisis is related essentially to the rise of science, which replaces philosophy in many areas… Second, the advancement of the European thought, which produced modernity, has made the basic aim of the Arabic thought limited to entering such modernity.


Views expressed by writers in this section geodge their own and do not reflect Al Arabiya English’s point-of-view. With respect to dealing with heritage through his project of “Critique of critique of the Arabic reason”, he implements the methodology of deconstruction in order to reconsider the ‘epistemological’ basis of Aljabri’s text.

His Harabichi Life The Intellectual production of George Tarabishi is marked by its diversity from translation of Freud, Hegel, Sartre, Garaudy and others, to writing about the ‘Arabic Renaissance thought’ and ‘literal criticism of the Arabic novel’.

Dialogue — Alsharq Alawsat newspaper, Jan.

The basic intellectual starting point for this position is his concept of the “secular Islam”. For example, in the Resigned Reason in Islam, P.

Translator, Critic, and Scholar Georges Tarabichi, 77

Marylyle Mccue marked it as to-read Jan 05, Zeinab Bsharat added it Oct 29, Linus Vieira marked it as to-read Nov 24, In addition, Tarabishi depends on re-interpretation of heritage texts in order to understand it within its historical and social context, he says. Tarabishi afterwards gives an example of such a problem and introduces a detailed analysis to uncover the deep epistemological problems of such a text.

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