Complete Arcane, 03/16/ Complete Champion Complete Scoundrel, 09/ 24/ Complete 02/16/ Expanded Psionics Handbook, 02/16/ I remember the old forum had a thread for Ultimate Psionics Errata I Does the errata for psionics expanded apply to Ultimate Psioincs?. I haven’t seen official errata yet on complete psionic – and I’m missing something. In the original version of astra construct – I didn’t see anything.

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First and foremost, fix the Mind Blast. It falls in with the Epic Erudite description, which is the closest we have to intent. Divine Mind has gotten all the help this project can give it. Originally Posted by Mr. Look at the Illithid Blast feat. Zerth Cenobite is a job for Super-Monk-Man. Yeah, the PrCs pretty much sucked. It really seems unintentional if only from the context.

Procrastination is the thief of time; Year after year it steals, till all are fled, And to the mercies of a moment leaves; The vast concerns of an eternal scene. My old characters I don’t game on this board anymore Avatar by Castaras ” Even gods must learn to control their tempers, lest they set a bad example.

Complete Psionic Errata Discussion

Does it exist, and, if it does, what does it cover? Results 1 to 30 of Some of the powers stray from traditional psionic themes in that they channel divine entities, which shouldn’t be surprising given that two of the classes introduced in the book do the same. November 22, The ardent is, essentially, a cleric that uses power points. Don’t we already have paladins, clerics, favored souls, ad nauseum to do that?


I want to get this errata as well. Sinfire Titan on November 29, If one’s a buff and one’s an offensive power, you usually don’t want to hit the same target with both of them.

There is no official errata released for the Complete Psionic sourcebook. All right, everything up through Storm Disciple has been errata. Build a mockup character and try to use the feat. Good Deeds Gone Unpunished! Anything wrong with it? Let’s Play MechCommander 2! They completely ignored all of the errata we’ve been asking about for years, and complste put up errata for things that nobody thought was broken, to fix problems that didn’t exist.

That should probably be that it applies to your Mind Blade, instead stacking with your existing Mind Blade enhancement bonus. Originally Posted by martyboy Thread Tools Show Printable Version. This is one of the rundowns I’ve seen of CPsi quite a few times. Gonna remove the mention of Wall of Fire from the capstone, since that’s not a solid barrier like the other two. Ultimate Psionics Errata Razzelmire T It could have been improved if WotC bothered to proofread, though.

I remember the old forum had a thread for Ultimate Psionics Errata I believe. And speaking of, I think a rewording of Linked Power is complwte order.


Ultimate Psionics Errata

However, it’s hidden deep inside a paragraph about granting an enhancement bonus to your Mind Arrows. And who needs to have the same power printed in CPsi, when it’s already in 2 other places? However, Ability Burn sticks out to me.

This feels weird; we’re errata’ing a splat psjonic has been called “Errata that you pay for”.

The violation of psionics’ distinct flavor counted for a lot of that, I think. I personally like CP. More specifically, I’d like to debate what changes we should make to the actual abilities so we can come to an agreement on the whole class. Garryl lsionic November 08, Soulbow BAB thing was ignored, and even using it is only mildly interesting.

I recall reading that the Monk Abilities advancement was supposed to include Flurry progression. It probably should be considered official, as it was actually submitted for publication by the author to WotC and approved, but due to some kerfuffles with the switchover to 4e, it was never actually put up compllete the website, sadly. And Thunderblade leaves a lot of questions about a missing weapon November 07, How many PrCs meld arcane and divine magic?

Divine Mind wasn’t very good, and both it and the Erudite are suspicuously like psionic versions of the paladin and wizard.