The Bush- Francis Catatonia Rating Scale (BFCRS) is a standardised, quantifiable examination of catatonia designed to screen and diagnose. Page 1. Page 2. The aim of the present study was to examine the suitability and accuracy of using the Bush-Francis Catatonia Rating Scale (BFCRS) in chronic schizophrenia.

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Sincewe have systematically assessed patients presenting to our psychiatry service with signs of retarded catatonia. This study specifically examined the distinct variety of catatonia that did not meet any standard psychiatric diagnostic criteria on globally recognised psychiatric rating tools and compared the clinical features with the catatonia that occurred in association with a diagnosis of schizophrenia.

A screening instrument, such as sclae Bush-Francis Catatonia Rating Scalecan guide the clinician through the neuropsychiatric examination. Currently, the pathobiology remains widely unknown.

Reports have also shown that second-generation antipsychotic drugs are also efficacious in relieving catatonia. Kraepelin already suggested that catatonia had a different symptomatology depending on the underlying pathology.

Bush-Francis Catatonia Rating Scale (BFCRS) – PsychTools

Nineteen sex-matched healthy controls were recruited. Catatoniaa disorder of movement and mood, was described and named in Idiopathic forms can also be observed. The patient was admitted to our hospital with suspected catatonic schizophrenia; however, he was subsequently diagnosed with catatonia due to Asperger’s disorder.

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The therapeutic effect of amantadine showed a characteristic temporal pattern with most pronounced effects four to six hours after administration and recurrence of catatonic symptoms by 24 hours later, at least partially. Catatonia was associated with catalepsy and dystonic postures.

All the scales are individually reviewed in the online appendix. Benzodiazepines are the first line therapeutic option for catatoniabeing lorazepam the first-choice drug.

In the study of Pommepuy and Januel, including rrancis patients, there was an average of In addition, differences in symptom presentation of catatonia depending on the underlying psychiatric illness were investigated.

Depending on the criteria being used, we noticed an important difference in exact prevalence, which makes it clear that we need clear-cut criteria. No patient had catatonia during the follow-up. Catatonia is often neglected when screening and examining psychiatric patients. Case 2 is a year-old Caucasian male who had probably had undiagnosed catatonic episodes since age Gush Case Series and Treatment Protocol.

The priority is to look first for organic causes: Introduction Catatonia has been identified in a variety of psychiatric, medical and neurological disorders, and drug-induced states.

The Detection and Measurement of Catatonia

Electroconvulsive therapy is used secondarily or in severe cases. The medical records of 57 patients diagnosed to have catatonia according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, Text Scae, criteria who were admitted to the inpatient psychiatry clinic of the Gaziantep University School of Medicine between 1 January,and 31 December,were retrospectively reviewed.


Bish assessment included socio-demographic, clinical and psychometric variables: Research on treatments and pathophysiology is contingent upon measures of motor function abnormalities.

All the patients were initially treated with lorazepam. Lorazepam is effective in rapidly relieving most cases of catatonia.

The Detection and Measurement of Catatonia

Test re-test reliability was not studied because of the fluctuating course of the catatonic catattonia.

Compared to catatonia in mood disorders, catatonia in schizophrenia has a poorer response to benzodiazepines and ECT.

The authors thank the study participants, without whom the study would never have been accomplished. They were initially given parental lorazepam at the doses ranging from mg per day as per requirement.

The lack of precise definitions catatojia validity of catatonia has hindered the detection of catatonia, thus delaying diagnosis and appropriate treatment. By the turn of the century, however, catatonia was incorporated as a type within a conjured syndrome of schizophrenia.