: A Politica da Prudencia (Em Portugues do Brasil) ( ) by Russell Kirk and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible. Ao longo de toda a carreira, Russell Kirk esteve no meio das controvérsias de sua época. Em A Política da Prudência, Kirk esforça-se por defender uma. Citação extraída do livro “A política da prudência”, de Russell Kirk.

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If I had to say anything critical, I would only say that it was written in the early ‘s, so some things may seem dated now, but that is something that I am willing to forgive.

Fabricio rated it it was amazing Apr 29, Ideologues are incapable of compromise, because they cannot see outside of their own narrow view.

The Politics Of Prudence by Russell Kirk

Nightocelot rated it it was amazing May 28, William Brown rated it it was amazing Dec 13, Constitution is not for export and so-called democracy does not always work for every walk of life and culture, especially in places where no history of such government has ever been known.

Kirk says that with the fall of the Soviet Union, America stands the chance to become a good power in the world, provided we don’t swagger about the globe waving our “flag” in everyone else’s face, and attempting to replace a Soviet hegemony with an American one.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Blake Reas rated it really liked it Feb 28, In The Politics of Prudence, Russell Kirk, the great thinker of the modern conservative movement, extra emphasis on prudnccia word ‘thinker’ outlines a list of suggestions for the young men and women of the rising generation how they might renew American politics and society.

Take for example our current political climate in Washington. In fact, the entire book is written for conservatives, especially the “new conservatives”, or neo-cons, whom Kirk reserves the harshest of his criticisms for. Among other things, he makes the point that conservatism is not an ideology, but the art of the possible, that it does not seek radical change, but respects existing institutions and strives to preserve what is best in them.


Books by Russell Kirk. He addressed audiences on hundreds of American campuses and appeared often on television and radio. An essential book for anyone who is, wishes to be, or wishes to understand real conservatism.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. As smart as he was, the old man could not conceive the degenerate, dishonest thing his movement would on day become.

Russell Kirk

It adheres to the principles of “custom, conviction, and continuity,” polgica prudence, one of the classic “Four Cardinal Virtues”. Want to Read saving…. Steve Balman rated it it was amazing Nov 28, On the left, if you are against abortion, then you must be a woman-hating, sexist. One wonders what Kirk’s assessment of both the Bush and Obama administrations would be like.

Further, the ‘Wilsonian’ doctrine of using America’s troops to make the world “safe for democracy” will no sooner have the United States with a sole trading partner of Switzerland.

The Politics Of Prudence

In retrospect, we can see we didn’t heed his words. Steven Bozeman rated it liked it Nov 19, His second book, The Conservative Mindis one of the most widely reviewed and discussed studies of political ideas in this century and has gone through seven editions.

A powerful antidote to mere ideology, and a brilliant explanation of prudence and principle. Vinicius Diniz rosa rated it it was amazing May 11, No trivia or quizzes yet. It may seem the period of renewal that Kirk talked about has passed us by, but we must remember that it is never too late for those who prefer to defend the “Permanent Things” from their enemies to rise up and as Kirk put it, “redeem the time” and save the world from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.


Richard rated it it was amazing May 14, He instructs how young men and women can in fact save the world from suicide and it starts by first changing themselves.

Russell Kirk – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

In this classic title, Kirk outlines ten principles of conservative thought, summarizes ten vital conservative books, and offers brief accounts of ten eminent, internationally important conservatives.

Anything outside their ideology is considered darn near heresy. For as Kirk puts it, “in such a utopia, no freedom at all would survive, and humanity would expire of boredom and license. Neo-conservatives are conservatives, who Kirk says often politca the U.

His sights are always fixated on utopian visions and he believes that we can shape and mold human nature to fit that vision and remake man’s image anew.

Sheikh Tajamul rated it really liked it May 13, O’ I have always considered myself a conservative-though I must admit, I may not have always been sure what it truly meant to be a conservative.

Return to Book Page. Mill, and Jeremy Bentham, who advanced a doctrine of utilitarianism, rrussell are really the disciples of radicals like Rousseau.

A conservative, au contraire, believes that human nature is fixed and imperfect, perfection being unattainablethat this life is not all that there is. Many are also disenchanted radicals from the ‘s. Douglas Minson rated it really liked it Dec 20, For more than forty years, Russell Kirk was in the thick of the intellectual controversies of his time.

He is the only American to hold the highest arts degree earned of the senior Scottish university—doctor of letters of St. Inhe was awarded the Salvatori Prize for historical writing. If you read this review then read the book.